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Trekker - Advantage Gear Boot Socks

Trekker - Advantage Gear Boot Socks

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Surprisingly Soft and Seriously Warm

Our Trekker Boot Socks are our heaviest, most insulating, and most wicking sock. We’re sure these are likely the warmest socks on the planet. Well, the warmest that aren’t electric but they are silly and pretty impractical! 

(well, these were the most insulating, until we made our new American Field Kodiak socks... but the Trekkers are still waaaaay more insulating than anything out there)  

Trekker Boot Socks = Workhorse Gear

Designed to be your go-to extra heavyweight boot sock, our Trekkers are extremely thick, quite soft, and well built. Created with ultra-soft bison fiber, these socks are thicker and more cushioning than our Pro-gear socks. We use only properly processed bison fiber that is 100% free from stuff that will make the socks itchy or abrasive.

Our Trekkers feature a terry loop padded footbed and are over-plaited in the toe, heel, and slightly up the leg to make sure your feet will be comfortable all day long.

Despite the extra cushioning and tough construction, these performance designed socks are intended to be worn with footwear. They are not intended to be worn as house slippers. You certainly can, but wearing them on concrete and abrasive surfaces will impact wear.

Trekker Boot Socks are awesome, but don’t just take our word for it!

We gave a pair of our Trekker boot socks to survival expert Leon Pantenburg, and here is his review

Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Sock Features

Looking for a quick TLDR on the Trekkers? Then look no further. Here’s a quick list of the top features of the Trekker Boot Socks.

  • USA Made
  • Terry looped footbed with extra padding
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Flat seam toe
  • Boot Socks measuring 14 inches from heel size large. 12" for Small, 13" for Med, and 15" for XL 
  • Features Bison logo on toe
  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry - no need for bleach, iron, or dry clean

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