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Individual 1lb. packs.

Introducing our ancestral beef blend, whether you're looking to experiment with new flavors, boost your nutrient intake, or embrace the ancestral approach to nutrition, our ancestral beef blend with liver, heart, and ground beef is a perfect choice. Experience the richness of tradition and the goodness of nature in every delicious bite.


    Our 5lb bag of beef fat provides an ample supply for your cooking needs. Use it to add depth of flavor to stews, soups, and sauces, or incorporate it into your favorite recipes for succulent and moist results. The versatility of beef fat allows you to experiment and explore new culinary possibilities.

    So, whether you're a professional chef or a passionate home cook, our 5lb bag of Beef Fat is a must-have for enhancing the flavor and succulence of your dishes. Elevate your culinary creations and unleash the richness and versatility of beef fat.

    Order your bag today and experience the difference it can make in your kitchen!


      Approx. 20 lbs. of meat.

      Get ready to beef it up with our Big Bit Ground Beef Box. Perfect for grilling season, family dinners, and stocking your freezer.

      Bundle Includes:

      • 20lbs of pure ground beef, 80/20 lean to fat ratio.

      Indulge your senses and experience the vibrant flavors of Louisiana with our Cajun Sausage. The secret to our sausage lies in the careful balance of spices.

      We have meticulously selected a medley of ingredients that capture the essence of authentic Cajun cuisine. A harmonious blend of paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper, and other aromatic spices creates a symphony of taste that is uniquely Cajun.

      Order your link today and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich heritage of Cajun cuisine.

      It's time to spice up your meals and savor the authentic taste of the bayou!

      approx: 1 lb


        Approx. 18lbs. of meat.

        Indulge in some true cowboy decadence with our premium bundle. featuring the best cuts of meat for the true carnivore. Sink your teeth into a juicy Picanha, savor the rich flavor of a NY Strip, and braise Short Ribs to perfection. And if you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at Osso Buco, a classic Italian dish that's sure to impress. So fire up the grill and get ready to treat yourself to the ultimate meat lover's feast with our Cowboy Decadence bundle.

        Bundle Includes:

        • 2 Picanha (4-6 lbs total)
        • 2 NY Strips (2 lbs total)
        • 2 Short Ribs (6 lbs total)
        • 2 Osso Buco (2-4 lbs total)

        Crafted from premium cuts of high-quality pork, our German sausage is a true masterpiece.

        Bursting with authentic German flavors, each bite is a journey through the countryside, offering a taste that is both robust and satisfying. Embrace the flavors of Germany and elevate your dining experience with our German Sausage.

        It's time to savor the authentic essence of German cuisine, order your link today and indulge in a taste that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Deutschland.

        approx: 1 lb


          Approx. 20lbs of meat.

          Ground beef is a staple in any kitchen, and our Ground Beef Box has everything you need to make delicious meals for your whole family.

          Bundle Includes:

          • 20lbs of pure ground beef (Approx. 80/20 lean to fat ratio)

          The finest grass-fed and grass-finished beef box subscription from Holy Cow Beef.

          Available In:

          • 10lbs
          • 15lbs
          • 20lbs 

          Shipping is included.


          Approx. 10 lbs of meat.

          Calling all tech-savvy grill masters! This box has everything you need to elevate your grilling game. From filet mignon to ribeye, NY strip to juicy burgers, and even some gourmet sausage to mix things up.

          Box Includes:

          • 2 Tenderloin Filet Steaks
          • 2 Ribeye Steaks
          • 2 NY Strip Steaks
          • 1 pack of 4 Hamburger Patties
          • 2 pack Beef German Sausage
          • 1 pack Steak Tips
          • 1 pack Flat Iron Steaks

          Approx. 20 lbs. of meat.

          Introducing the ultimate variety pack, the Large Mixed Box. It's like a box of chocolates, but instead of chocolates, it's meats. And unlike Forrest Gump's famous quote, you'll know exactly what you're getting - a whole chicken, 2 packs of drumsticks or wings, a beef roast for Sunday dinner, 5lbs of ground beef for your favorite recipes, and 2 packs of steaks for a special occasion or just because it's Monday.

          Bundle Includes:

          • 1 Whole Chicken
          • 2 Chicken breasts
          • 1 pack Drumsticks or wings
          • 1 Beef Roast
          • 5 lbs Ground
          • 2 packs steaks
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          Approx. 10 lbs. of meat.

          The Little Bit Ground Beef Box is perfect for those who like to keep it simple. Enjoy 10lbs of our signature 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio ground beef, perfect for burgers, meatloaf and more.


          Approx. 13 lbs. of meat.

          Get ready to fire up the smoker and get low and slow with this delicious selection of cuts perfect for your next BBQ feast.

          Box Includes:

          • 1 Value Roast (perfect for pulled beef sandwiches)
          • 1 Premium Roast (for a succulent Sunday roast)
          • 1 pack Stew Meat (great for hearty stews or chili)
          • 4 lbs Ground Beef (for burgers, meatloaf, or meatballs)

          Approx. 16 lbs. of meat.

          The Platinum Bundle is our most popular Ribeye bundle, filled with savory and juicy cuts from sirloin, ground beef, Dino ribs.

          Bundle Includes:

          • 2 Ribeye Steaks (approx. 1 lbs. each)
          • 2 Top Sirloins (16 oz. each)
          • Short Ribs (3.0lbs.)
          • 1 Merlot Fajita Pack (2lbs)
          • Tri Tip (2.5 lbs.)
          • 5 Ground Beef packs (1 lb. each)**

          Approx. 18 lbs. of meat.

          Our Prime Bundle is perfect for those who love lean meat cuts. Included is our most sought-after cut, the filet mignon.

          Bundle Includes:

          • 2 New York Strips (0.90 lbs each)
          • 2 Filet Mignons (0.5 lbs each)
          • Roast (3.5 lbs.)
          • 2 Denver Steaks (0.5lbs each.)
          • 2 Tenderized Round Steak (2 lbs)
          • 2 Chuck-Eye Steaks (0.5 lbs each)
          • Ground Beef (5, 1 lb packs)
          • Ribs (5 lbs.) **

          Approx: 13.5 lbs of meat

          Introducing Smoke's Box, where the smoke and flavor are just as big as Texas itself.

          Bundle Includes:

          • 1 (7lb) Brisket
          • 1 Sirloin Tip Roast (Approx 6-7 lbs)

          Perfect for the pitmaster or backyard smoker, get ready to enjoy bold and delicious beef that will make your taste buds say "yeehaw!"


          Our in-house smoked beef sausage is a delicious and unique treat for any meat lover. Made with top-quality cuts of beef, this sausage is slow-smoked to perfection over hardwood chips, infusing it with rich, smoky flavors. Each bite is bursting with juicy, savory meat, and the perfect balance of spices.

          Approx.: 1 lb.


            These snack sticks are the ultimate portable snack. Perfectly sized and wrapped in portion-sized bags, they're a convenient option for satisfying your cravings anytime, anywhere. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply in need of a quick protein boost, our Smoked Beef Snack Sticks are the ideal choice.

            If you're looking for a flavorful, protein-packed snack that delivers on taste and convenience, look no further than our Smoked Beef Snack Sticks. Order yours today and enjoy the smoky goodness that will satisfy your cravings and elevate your snacking experience. It's time to indulge in a snack that is both delicious and convenient – the perfect combination for on-the-go enjoyment.


              Approx: 13.5 lbs of meat

              For all you steak enthusiasts, this package is a true feast for the senses. We've curated a selection of the best cuts that will have your taste buds singing.

              Bundle Includes:

              • 2 Bone-In Ribeyes
              • 2 Bone-In NY Strips
              • 2 Top Sirloin Steaks
              • 2 Filet Mignons
              • 2 Chuck-Eye Steaks
              • 2 Flat Iron Steaks
              • 3 Packs Ground Beef **