The Beef Initiative Association Council - Commuinty-Based Processing

Welcome to The Beef Initiative Association Council (TBIAC)

Who we are:

TBIAC is a collaborative effort spearheaded by pioneers in the beef industry, Texas Slim and Justin Trammel. Rooted in the heart of Texas, our council is dedicated to transforming the way communities think about, produce, and consume beef. Through the establishment and support of micro-processing centers, we aim to rebuild local food economies, ensuring fresh, sustainable, and ethically processed beef is accessible to all.


  • Sustainability at Its Core: We believe in a food system where every part of the cow is used, honoring both the animal and the environment. Our initiatives promote practices that are not only sustainable but also regenerative, contributing positively to the land and local ecosystems.

  • Empowering Local Communities: TBIAC is committed to revitalizing small towns and rural areas through the power of local agriculture. By establishing micro-processing centers, we empower local farmers, create jobs, and stimulate local economies, making communities more self-reliant and food secure.

  • Quality and Transparency: In an age where the origins and processing of food are often obscure, TBIAC stands for transparency and quality. We ensure that the beef reaching your table is not only of the highest quality but also comes from ethical and local sources.

How we do it:

  • Micro Processing Centers: At the heart of TBIAC's strategy are the micro-processing centers designed to address the bottleneck in meat processing. These centers not only make beef processing more accessible to small-scale farmers but also ensure that high standards of quality and ethics are maintained.

  • Legislative Advocacy: We actively engage in legislative advocacy to support policies that favor local food systems. Our efforts aim to reduce regulatory hurdles for small producers, making it easier for them to bring their products to market.

  • Education and Outreach: Through workshops, farm visits, and collaborations, we educate both producers and consumers about the benefits of supporting local, sustainable beef production. We believe informed choices are the foundation of a healthy food system.

  • Community Building: TBIAC fosters a sense of community among producers, consumers, and advocates. Through events, forums, and an online presence, we bring together individuals who share a vision for a sustainable future.

Join us!

Whether you're a rancher, a consumer, or simply someone who cares about the future of food, there's a place for you in TBIAC. Together, we can reshape the beef industry for the better, ensuring it's sustainable, ethical, and local.

  • Learn More: Discover how you can become a part of this community focused movement.

  • Get Involved: Explore opportunities to contribute, whether through advocacy, education, or support of local processing centers.

  • Stay Updated: Bookmark this page for the latest news, updates, and ways to get involved.

Together, we're not just changing how we eat; we're revitalizing communities. Join TBIAC today.

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