The "I Am Texas Slim Foundation" is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, operating in full compliance with U.S. federal laws. Our sole purpose is to ensure the welfare of the land, the people and their communities. We lead with Truth in Food. 

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1. Saving Children's Lives: Championing child well-being and survival through enhanced nutritional programs, underscored by the slogan "Saving Children's Lives."

2. Regenerative Ranching Leadership: Fostering the emergence of a new wave of regenerative ranchers and producers committed to sustainable and ethical agricultural practices.

3. Community Enhancement via Animal Protein Micro-Processing: Strengthening local communities by promoting micro-processing facilities that boost local food systems.

4. Comprehensive Herdshare Collaboration: Encouraging community-wide engagement and cooperation through expansive herdshare initiatives, facilitating shared stewardship and benefits of livestock.

5. Alliance with Like-minded Foundations: Providing support to other foundations whose missions and values resonate with the Beef Initiative, ensuring a unified front in promoting regenerative ranching and food sovereignty.


Jason Wrich, the visionary behind Wrich Ranches in Crawford, CO, is a testament to the transformative power of regenerative ranching. With a deep commitment to the land and the well-being of the community, Jason embodies the spirit of innovation and stewardship that defines the modern regenerative rancher. His approach, grounded in principles of sustainability and ecological balance, has not only revitalized the landscape but also fostered a model of agricultural practice that others aspire to. Recognized for his educational leadership, Jason's work at Wrich Ranches serves as a beacon, guiding and mentoring the next generation of regenerative ranchers. This grant honors his dedication to cultivating a more sustainable and resilient future in ranching.

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Texas Slim, President IATS Foundation

Areas of Research: Business, Culture, Agriculture

Texas Slim is a visionary in food intelligence and primal diets, whose life's work revolves around enhancing community values and metabolic health through a deeper connection to our food sources. With a background marked by transformative journeys from the fields of North Dakota to the tech industry and international agriculture, he embodies the spirit of a modern-day cattleman. Through his initiatives and writings, Texas Slim champions a return to ancestral eating habits and local food systems to unlock our genetic potential and revitalize small towns.

Breeauna Sagdal, Senior Analyst

Areas of Research: Policy, Philosophy, Agriculture

Breeauna is a seasoned researcher, writer, and communicator. With nearly a decade in policy-based journalism, she has a nuanced understanding of a broad range of topics that she's capable of distilling down for any audience.

Texas Panhandle Wildfire Relief

In response to the Texas Panhandle Wildfire's devastation, the I Am Texas Slim Foundation seeks donations to aid over 1.1 million acres of burned land and 40,000 at-risk cattle. Texas Slim's journey across the affected regions underscores the urgent need for feed, hay, and medical supplies. This initiative highlights the community's resilience and the Foundation's commitment to recovery and future disaster preparedness. Your support can help rebuild and strengthen the American cattle industry.

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Join us in healing and fortifying Texas

Your donation today brings hope and resilience to the heart of cattle country

9th Grader Emily's 2nd Steer

In northern Florida, 9th grader Emily transitions from urban life to ranching, supported by The Beef Initiative and the I Am Texas Slim Foundation. With no family background in agriculture, her journey reflects a modern shift towards regenerative ranching, sparked by a simple online search. This initiative underscores the vital role of digital connectivity, education, and community support in inspiring and equipping the next generation for sustainable agricultural practices. Emily's story, emblematic of determination and the transformative power of support, highlights the Foundation's commitment to nurturing future leaders in agriculture.

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Empower Tomorrow's Agricultural Leaders

Support Emily's Journey and Beyond

Educational Grant Program

Celebrating this year's grant recipient, Jason Wrich of Wrich Ranches, Crawford, CO, we honor his exemplary journey in regenerative ranching. Jason's dedication to sustainability and ecological harmony has not only transformed the landscape but also established a leading model for future agricultural practices. His commitment to education and mentorship for upcoming regenerative ranchers shines as a beacon, guiding them towards creating a more sustainable and resilient future in ranching. Inspired by Jason's impactful contributions, we invite you to join us in supporting the next generation of innovators through our 2025 educational grant fund. Your donation can empower more visionaries like Jason, fostering a legacy of environmental stewardship and community well-being.

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Inspire Environmental Stewardship

Support the 2025 Educational Grant for Future Ranching Innovators

Development of Todd Weyl's Herdshare Program

Our herdshare program initiative is designed to strengthen communities across the U.S. by providing direct access to local food sources. This model connects consumers with farmers, allowing people to invest in and benefit from local herds, supporting sustainable agriculture and keeping food dollars in the community. By promoting responsible livestock stewardship and enhancing food system resilience, we aim to empower communities with the means to access and benefit from their local food resources sustainably.

Join the Herd

Invest in Community-Supported Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Beef Industry Advocacy

Our Beef Industry Research and Advocacy focuses on the pivotal areas of policy, business, and philosophy, spearheaded by IATS Foundation President, Texas Slim and Senior Writer and Analyst, Breeauna Sagdal. Through rigorous research and dynamic advocacy, we aim to shape a more ethical, sustainable, and prosperous future for the beef industry. Our efforts are dedicated to influencing positive change in industry standards, promoting business practices that benefit both producers and consumers, and fostering a philosophical shift towards more responsible stewardship of resources. By leading in these critical fields, we endeavor to ensure the beef industry's growth is aligned with the principles of sustainability and equity, paving the way for a healthier planet and society.

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Drive Change in the Beef Industry

Support Our Research and Advocacy for Sustainability and Equity

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The "I Am Texas Slim Foundation" is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, operating in full compliance with U.S. federal laws. Our sole purpose is to ensure the welfare of the land, the people and their communities. We lead with Truth in Food.