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ECC Ranch Feeding Forward Steakburger Ground Beef

ECC Ranch Feeding Forward Steakburger Ground Beef

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ECC Ranchers Reserve Ground Beef Bundle.

All the BEST Steaks turned into THE Best SteakBurger Ground Beef!

20% Donated to I Am Texas Slim Foundation to Feed Families!

Feed your family the most nutritious 100% Grass Fed Beef raised in Southern Iowa.

The most flavorful beef on the planet.  

Sustainably Raised, Regeneratively Grazed
1st & 2nd Generations restoring grass on the ECC Ranch



Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to a monthly a Ground Beef Bundle - From our Customers - 

  1. Food security with a freezer full of meat.
  2. Grass-fed/grass finished beef at a great price. 
  3. Convenience having a stocked up freezer.
  4. We love to support a local family farmer!
  5. I love the variety of cuts and how it honors the whole animal!
  6. It taste so great! Why not enjoy all that goodness!
  7. We are big meat eaters, so it makes sense. 
  8. Hedge against inflation. 
  9. The free home delivery made it an easy "YES". 
  10. How clean and healing your meats are make it a great investment.

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