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Texas Slim's Cuts Lifestyle Management offers a lifestyle transformation program that emphasizes intentionality, collaboration, and individualized protocols. The Beef Initiative is a movement centered around getting back to primal roots and empowering subscribers with knowledge that transcends trends. The program includes daily mindfulness prompts, nutritious recipes, an exercise regimen, community interaction, and accountability. The program also offers opportunities to delve deeper into lifestyle management with Texas Slim's Cuts. The document also includes a teaser for a 30-day journey program and ways to get involved with the Beef Initiative.

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A unique cookout event blending cowboy and cattleman lore with a modern upscale steak dinner, showcasing the quality and taste of our premium beef. In partnership with K&C Cattle Co. And Johnny 'Ol Butch' Ochoa.



Texas Slim, the Modern-Day Cattleman from Dirt Roads of West Texas, is reshaping the Beef Industry with The Beef Initiative. Fostering microprocessing plants and local beef sales to revive small towns, whilst challenging multinational food system behemoths. Born and bred in Canyon Texas, Texas Slim's drive stems from his own health recovery through animal protein diet and a realization of the declining small-town life that started in the 70's due to monopolized beef processors.

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Texas Slim, the Modern-Day Cattleman from Dirt Roads of West Texas, is reshaping the beef industry with The Beef Initiative, fostering microprocessing plants and local beef sales to revive small towns, whilst challenging multinational food system behemoths.

The harvest of deception

July 2021, North Dakota, middle of nowhere.  I was living in a 42-foot bumper pull trailer we called our bunkhouse.  It was long and too narrow.  Just enough space for a tiny bed, in which it was hard to sleep anyway because every time somebody went to the bathroom, that bunkhouse, well, it shifted.  Eight of us squeezed in there.  That was our base for three months during the harvest season.

Texas Slim's Cuts is the source of the seed of authentic storytelling

Texas Slim's Cuts is a media and marketing agency that specializes in capturing the essence of the Great American Rancher.  They are committed to building authentic relationships with their clients and creating intimate and insightful media that resonates with their audience.  They aim to bring the masses back to the ranch by promotion a more sustainable and ethical food system, and giving a voice to those who are working tirelessly to provide healthy, sustainable food options for communities.  Texas Slim's Cuts mission is to help the Great American Rancher solve the problem of being unheard and unrepresented in the modern food system by providing a platform for their stories, insights, and wisdom, resulting in increased visibility, community engagement, and support for sustainable and ethical ranching practices.

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Founder/CEO - Texas Slim | Founder/Executive Producer - Anthony Juno

Who is Texas Slim?

Texas Slim is a native of the Texas Panhandle, specifically raised in the region known as the Llano Estacado. His upbringing in the desert highlands and dirt roads outside Canyon, Texas, has deeply influenced his connection to the land, local agriculture, and food production.

What were some of Texas Slim's earliest memories?

Slim grew up in proximity to the Panhandle Plains Museum, which served as a "babysitter" of sorts, teaching him about the diverse history of the region. This includes everything from cattle ranching to the heritage of Native American tribes like the Navajo, Comanche, and Cherokee. His earliest memories are intertwined with the rich history and agricultural focus of the Texas Panhandle.

Who had the most significant influence on Texas Slim's life?

One of the most influential people in Texas Slim's life was his grandfather, a respected farmer in the community. His grandfather's teachings on soil, agriculture, and living a debt-free life have had a profound impact on Slim's perspectives and values.

How did growing up in the Texas Panhandle shape his understanding of agriculture?

Being raised near the Panhandle Plains Museum and coming from a family rooted in agriculture helped shape Slim's understanding of local food production and its significance. The museum and his family served as firsthand educators on the history and intricacies of agriculture in the region.

What are some memorable landmarks Texas Slim recalls from his upbringing?

Among the landmarks Slim recalls are Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the United States, and the Big Texan Steakhouse. He also mentions the Amarillo stockyards, which were once a pivotal hub for the southern United States beef market, and Cadillac Ranch.

How has Canyon, Texas (Slim’s hometown), evolved over the years?

Canyon has experienced significant changes in its agricultural practices and local economy. What was once a vibrant town with a bustling local economy has seen a shift towards corporate and multinational ownership, impacting both commerce and agriculture.

What did Texas Slim learn from his grandfather about agriculture and life?

Slim's grandfather was a pillar of wisdom in the community, offering advice on various aspects of life, from farming to personal integrity. Slim fondly remembers walking through fields with his grandfather, learning about the feel of soil and the importance of living debt-free. These teachings have deeply influenced his views on agriculture and community.

What personal experiences shaped Texas Slim's views on modern agriculture?

Slim once participated in a wheat harvest to better understand the state of contemporary agriculture. He found that the industry had scaled up significantly, often at the cost of accumulating debt and compromising food quality. These observations led him to question the direction in which modern agriculture is headed.

What is "Harvest of Deception"?

"Harvest of Deception" is the first article written by Texas Slim that led to the creation of the Beef Initiative. It focuses on the realities and challenges of modern agriculture, based on his firsthand experiences.

What is Texas Slim's philosophy on local food production?

Texas Slim strongly advocates for a community-first approach to agriculture. He emphasizes that food should be grown, harvested, and distributed within the local community before being sent to external markets. This, he believes, can restore the quality and value of local produce and enhance community well-being.For more details or to delve deeper into Texas Slim's perspectives, explore more of his writings or reach out to him directly.