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What is the Producers Database and Map?

The Producers Database serves as an essential platform for individuals seeking to support the local farming industry by connecting with nearby ranchers. Our comprehensive database enables users to effortlessly search for local ranchers within their vicinity. Through our intuitive producers map, customers gain precise insights into your ranch's location, facilitating convenient pickup orders and fostering valuable connections.

As a featured rancher on our map, your visibility is maximized, positioning your profile at the forefront when users explore the map. This prominent placement ensures that potential customers easily discover and engage with your ranch, bolstering your outreach and business opportunities. Embrace the power of the Producers Database to showcase your ranch and establish meaningful relationships with your community of patrons

Our mission is to champion producers from varied backgrounds and practices, ensuring communities have direct access to wholesome, locally-produced foods. 

If you're a producer eager to join this movement, we invite you to review our Rancher Requirements to see how you can become part of our growing network of producers.

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Have you read and do you agree to the requirements listed in our Rancher Requirements

If you have read the requirements and have questions about them, please reach out! Our goal is empower ranchers of all backgrounds and experience levels who embody our ethos of "Truth in Food".

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Custom Workout Plans

Listing only (+Map)        $25/mo

- Beef Producers Only
- Listed in the Producers Database + Local Map 
- NOT featured

- 30-Day Free Trial
1:1 Personal Training

Listing + Map Featured $75/mo

- Beef Producers Only
- Listed in the Producers Database + Local Map. 
- Map Featured

- 30-Day Free Trial

Full List of Services

We offer several tiers of exposure to assist you in marketing your beef and reaching your target community, whether local, regional, national, or international. Here's how we can help:

1. BeefIndex.org: This is a complimentary service provided by the I Am Texas Slim Foundation. By visiting beefindex.org and selecting "Add Producer" in the top right corner, you can include yourself in our index at no cost.

2. Maps: For enhanced visibility, we offer a listing on our maps at $49/month. This includes the addition of a distinctive little bull logo at your ranch's location, ensuring when visitors are auto-located to their local regional producers, your ranch stands out.

3. Maps Featured: Gain even more visibility with a featured listing on the maps for $149/month. This ensures your ranch remains top of mind for visitors browsing our site.

4. Homepage Feature: For maximum exposure, opt for a Featured Producer spot on our homepage (inquire about pricing here). 

5. Advertising: We provide advertising opportunities across our website, media, social media, and newsletters—issued weekly and sometimes more frequently (inquire about pricing here).

6. Other Services: We're equipped to support you with a range of services including product design and development, graphics, video production, web design, e-commerce development, newsletter creation, social media management, and Google ad placements. These services are customizable to meet your needs (inquire about pricing here).

7. Sponsorships: Consider sponsoring an event or production to further enhance your visibility and engagement with the community.

Our goal is to support you in selling your beef and serving the community that matters most to you, from local enthusiasts to international markets interested in unique products like tallow skincare. 

* The Beef Initiative platform has been meticulously developed from scratch, ensuring complete independence and no external investment that could compromise our core mission: to serve as dedicated Servant-Leaders to the Great American Rancher. Currently, we are engaged in a phase of price discovery. Prices are subject to change.

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