Circle 6 Farm & Ranch

duette, florida

What Sets Us Apart

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished

Antibiotic-Free, Steroid-Free

Sourced from Pesticide-Free Farmlands

Raised in a Closed Herd for Over 30 Years


Beyond Prime and Choice

The Story of Circle 6 Farm & Ranch

Step into the sun-kissed expanse of Florida's grasslands, where the hidden gem of Duette in Manatee County unfolds its agricultural secrets. Founded in 1888, Duette is more than a mere point on the map; it's a living chapter of Florida's farming heritage, and a guiding star for those of us dreaming of a sustainable future in cattle farming. Spearheading this vision is Leonard Horak, the grass farming sage at Circle 6 Farm, who's putting his heart into the Florida Beef Initiative. Let's take a stroll through Duette's lands, where Leonard's magic touch with soil and grass transforms into some of the finest, grass-finished beef you'll ever taste.

Duette's sandy grounds are a blessing in disguise, perfect for the roots of Bahiagrass to weave their way deep, ensuring the land stays robust against the dry spells. When the summer heat rolls in, Bermuda grass, lush and nutrient-packed, becomes the feast of choice for Leonard's cattle, keeping them well-fed and happy under the vast Florida sky.

Over at Circle 6, Leonard's been crafting something special with his herd. It's a blend of the best traits from the beefmaster and the black angus, creating a line of cattle that's truly unique. The result? Grass-fed, Grass-finished beef that's so marbled and tender, it'll change the way you think about grass-finished cuts. Every slice is a testament to Leonard's dedication and the rich history of Duette's grasslands.

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