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Health Beyond Skin Deep

Hi there, Nadja Scavone here from Born to Be Free. We are proud to stand alongside fellow artisans like Clara & Fritz in a shared mission to challenge the conventions of Big Skincare. By pooling our knowledge and passion, we craft skincare solutions that are not only natural and effective but also ethically produced. Join us as we bring authenticity and transparency back to skincare, one product at a time.

Nadja Scavone, Owner of Born to Be Free

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K&C Cattle Feeding Forward Ground Beef Box

249 Reviews

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Feeding Forward

Black Angus


Grain Finished

Feeding Forward

An Initiative from the I Am Texas Slim Foundation 501(c)(3)

1. Buy Your Beef

Feed your family with locally raised and harvested beef, just as you always do.

2. Help Your Rancher Get a Tax-Deduction

Every purchase from the Feeding Forward Collection allows ranchers to receive a tax deduction by donating 20% of their profits to the I Am Texas Slim Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

3. Your beef purchase supports future regenerative ranchers.

Each purchase from the Feeding Forward Collection enables ranchers to deduct taxes by donating 20% of their profits to the I Am Texas Slim Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity.

4. Repeat

This process helps ranchers offset business costs and ensures their donations contribute directly to regenerating the land, people, and communities.

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Click here to learn more about the I Am Texas Slim Foundation 501(c)(3)

Founded in 2021,

The Beef Initiative is a movement focused on making food more localized, redundant, and secure. We serve our community by providing market access to producers and consumers who understand the importance of food integrity.

Texas Slim, CEO

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Tarnished Rainbows & Regenerative Relief

By TSC Staff

Texas Slim recently arrived in Washington State for the Libertarian Party's Unleashing Freedom convention. In Spokane, he was met with an environment starkly different from...


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Eating Under Surveillance (Economic Fascism in America)

By TSC Staff

In today’s agriculture and food systems, a blend of technological surveillance, centralized policies, and environmental and social agendas challenge traditional notions...


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Nurturing the Next Generation in Florida

By IATS Foundation

In the heart of northern Florida, away from the sprawling ranches and vast agricultural landscapes, a young 9th grader named Emily set off on an unexpected journey into...


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