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Feeding Forward Collection

Support regenerative ranching with our Feeding Forward Beef Box Collection! Every purchase directly benefits ranchers by offering them valuable tax deductions through the I Am Texas Slim Foundation 501(c)(3). Enjoy delicious, high-quality beef while nurturing the next generation of farmers and advancing sustainable agriculture.

Farm, Ranch, and Revive

A Collective Harmony of Tradition & Care

K&C Cattle Co.




Beck Ranch Premium Beef


Born to be Free


Beck Ranch Premium Beef




Who We Are

We are the heart of healing and the hand that feeds. The I Am Texas Slim Foundation embodies a commitment to the welfare of our land and the nourishment of our communities, leading with the integrity of regenerative agriculture. With every action, we forge a future where truth in food and the spirit of the American rancher thrive. Join us in sowing seeds of hope and harvests of change.

Texas Slim / President

Ebersole Cattle Co. 

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