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Take a stand against overreaching EPA regulations! Support H.R.7079, the BEEF Act, and H.R.7023, the Creating Confidence in Clean Water Permitting Act, as vital solutions to ensure sustainable practices in our food and water systems. H.R.7079 protects small farms from burdensome regulations by promoting sustainable agriculture, while H.R.7023 aims to streamline water permitting processes, making it more balanced and practical. Use our templates to contact your representative on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Voice your support to counteract extreme EPA regulations that threaten our agricultural and environmental health. Act now—your advocacy is crucial!

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85% of animal protein in America is processed by just 4 corporations. Learn about how we're combatting the centralization of our food supply with community-based processing centers.

Who Are We?

Founded by Texas Slim, The Beef Initiative is a movement focused on making food more localized, redundant, and secure. We serve our community by providing market access to producers and consumers who understand the importance of food integrity.



Eating Under Surveillance

The Stealth Rise of Stakeholder Capitalism and the War on US Beef

In today's agriculture and food systems, a blend of technological surveillance, centralized policies, and environmental and social agendas challenge traditional notions of food sovereignty and economic freedom. This overview explores the impact of these forces, highlighting the tension between innovation and the preservation of foundational values. It also recognizes the movements and legislative actions emerging to navigate and reshape this complex landscape towards sustainability and autonomy.

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The Voice of the

Great American Rancher #003

The Great American

Health Initiative

Dr. Brooke Miller and Ginger Hill Angus on the Frontlines of Health

In the lush landscape of Rappahannock County, Virginia, close to the historic town of Washington, Dr. Brooke Miller weaves a life that is deeply connected to the essence of rural America. As a family physician, Angus cattle rancher, and a pivotal figure in the Great American Health Initiative being led by the Beef Initiative and The Great American Rancher, his days are a testament to a life lived at the intersection of health, agriculture, and community advocacy.


The "I Am Texas Slim Foundation" is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, operating in full compliance with U.S. federal laws. Our sole purpose is to ensure the welfare of the land, the people and their communities. We lead with Truth in Food. 

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Next Event: November 2, 2024 - Florida Beef Initiative Micro-Summit 2024

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Next Event: May 4, 2024 - Mass Adoption's Freedom Fest 2024 in Boston, MA

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Most recent event: Florida Beef Initiative's Inaugural Cattleman's Dinner occurred on February 4, 2024 at Terra Gaucha in Tampa Bay, FL. 

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Next event: April 12-14, 2024 - Libertarian Party of Washington Convention: UNLEASH FREEDOM 

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Most recent event: Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 7:00PM EST. Listen in:


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We're restoring integrity to the food system. 

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the well-being and safety of local communities by expanding access to high-quality animal protein. We aim to achieve this by establishing interconnected networks of ranchers, processors, distributors, butchers, grocers, restaurants, and consumers who share our values. By offering essential tools, including bitcoin, we facilitate the creation of more resilient and localized food supply chains.

Our Pledge: Truth in Food

Authentic Connections from Farm to Table, Linking You to the Land and Its Stewards with Care, Integrity, and Excellence.

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1. AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS: "Shake your rancher's hand" isn't just a motto; it's our promise for transparent, DIRECT CONNECTIONSfrom farm to table. 

2. CLARIFYING MRNA MISCONCEPTIONS: MRNA VACCINES ARE NOT APPROVED FOR U.S. CATTLE. We commit to safety and quality, free from experimental treatments.

3. SYMBOL OF TRUST: Our beef LINKS YOU TO THE LAND AND ITS STEWARDS, symbolizing care, integrity, and excellence in every cut.

4. NOURISHING WITH KNOWLEDGE: "Truth in Food" means more than nourishment; it's about knowledge, honesty, andTHE RIGHT TO KNOW YOUR FOOD'S ORIGINS.

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