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In the spirit of reflection and honor, the IATS Foundation with our Texas Fire Relief Fund introduces a community based and natural approach to disaster recovery in the Texas Panhandle.

Focused on long-term healing, our strategy encompasses five critical areas: delivering essentials like hay and alfalfa, infrastructure restoration including fencing, support for livestock through feed and health care, application of natural regenerative fertilizers, and seed distribution.

At its core, the IATS Foundation acts as a central figure, ensuring these pillars are addressed efficiently. Their mission extends beyond immediate relief, aiming to empower ranchers, rejuvenate the land, and restore the essence of the Great American Rancher, starting in the cradle of the U.S. Cattle industry.

Act now to help rebuild the Texas Panhandle. Click 'Donate' to contribute to the restoration efforts, benefiting both land and livestock. Reach out directly via email or phone for collaboration or to share your needs.

Whether you're a rancher with specific requirements, a trucker able to assist in deliveries, or a citizen wanting to support in any way, your involvement is crucial. Stay updated with our weekly progress reports.

Every action, large or small, plays a part in reviving the heart of American ranching. Visit to make a difference. Your support plants the seed for a hopeful future.

Texas Wildfire Relief Fund - A Community Rises from Ashes

Urgent Call for Support in the Wake of Devastating Wildfires

The Devastation Unfolds

In March 2024, Texas faced an unprecedented disaster as wildfires, notably the Windy Deuce Fire, swept across the Texas Panhandle. These fires have not only altered the landscape but also tested the resilience and spirit of our communities. Texas Slim, through firsthand exploration, reveals the extent of the damage over 300 miles - from historic landmarks by Lake Meredith to the heart of Texas cattle country, showcasing the immediate and long-term needs of our land and people.

Immediate Needs and How You Can Help

The wildfires have left behind a dire situation:

  • Over 1.1 million acres of grassland burned.
  • An estimated 40,000 cattle at risk without immediate support.

The I Am Texas Slim Foundation urgently calls for donations of feed, hay, medical supplies, and more to support the surviving cattle and affected livestock. 

Your contribution can make a difference in restoring health and ensuring the survival of these animals.

A Testament to Community Spirit

Despite the devastation, the Texas Panhandle community, with support from across the tri-state area, has shown remarkable unity and resilience. From the Rancher Navy Facebook group to individual volunteers, the collective efforts to combat the fires and provide relief have highlighted the indomitable spirit of Texas.

Join Us in Rebuilding and Strengthening

As we look to the future, the I Am Texas Slim Foundation is committed to not just recovery but to fortifying our defenses against future calamities. This disaster presents an opportunity to rebuild stronger, more resilient communities and a more secure future for the American cattle industry.


Livestock Needs

  • Cattle cubes (20% to 38% protein)
  • Calf starter (12% protein)
  • All Stock (12% protein) Layer feed for chickens
  • Alfalfa pellets
  • Adult horse feed
  • Cat and Dog food
  • Empty Supplement bags
  • Mineral Tubs
  • Empty Mineral Tubs
  • Hay
  • Feed
  • Fence Supplies
  • Cow Feed
  • Milk Replacer

Pasture and Dry Lot Inventory

Please fill out the survey at this link. Organizers are trying to connect victims of the Smokehouse Fire to available grass or dry lots for surviving cattle. Your information will not be shared with anyone else other than affected ranchers.

Supply Points for Livestock Feed and Ranch Supplies

Ranchers Storefront - 1505 4th Ave, Canyon, TX


Fencing After Fires Volunteers (Facebook group)

Volunteer to help rebuild fence for the ranchers burned out in the Smokehouse & Catesby Fires! You can volunteer under this ORIGINAL POST, by direct message or calling/texting the number on flyer.


They need:

FOREMEN (with fencing experience & willing to lead a crew)

GENERAL LABORERS - to build fence


To Volunteer:


The Texas Panhandle Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is helping coordinate volunteering in the area. You can fill out their volunteer interest form here, email or call 806-378-3004.

Updated: March 4, 2024 - From the Snow-Capped Peaks of Montana to the Heart of Texas

Reminisce Ranch, Dillon, Montana - March 1, 2024

Steve Williams, Director of Partner Development at BetterFedFoods (BFF)

Amidst the pristine backdrop of a freshly snow-dusted landscape, the Reminisce Ranch celebrated its 40th anniversary bull sale, a testament to the enduring spirit of cattle ranching. Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Beaverhead Mountains, about 10 miles outside of Dillon, the ranch was abuzz with activity and anticipation.

As the sun broke through the morning clouds, casting a warm glow over the feeding facilities and on-site sale barn, the atmosphere was electric. Record high cattle prices and the tantalizing scent of sizzling RR ribeyes lifted spirits to new heights. The sale was more than an auction; it was a gathering, a community coming together, with the crowd eventually swelling to standing room only.

Yet, while the day unfolded with promise and prosperity in Montana, a starkly different reality was gripping the Texas Panhandle. A mere hour before the scheduled start of the bull sale, I had a heart-to-heart with my friend, Texas Slim. His vivid, on-the-ground account of the wildfire disaster unfolding across Texas cattle country was jarring.

The contrast between the beauty of Montana and the adversity faced by our fellow ranchers in Texas was profound, and it spurred an immediate call to action. I reached out to Bernie Hansen, the founder of BetterFedFoods, with a plan that was as spontaneous as it was necessary. We decided to donate a bull from the sale and dedicate all proceeds to our Texan counterparts, who were fighting against the ravages of the wildfires.

Every dollar from the sale of #2685 is a testament to the unity and resolve of the ranching community. It's a story of how a sale in the serene Montana landscape reached across a thousand miles to bring relief to the heart of Texas. It's a story that embodies the spirit of the I Am Texas Slim Foundation and the unbreakable bond of ranchers nationwide.

Join us in this mission of support and recovery. Your contributions, like the sale of #2685, provide critical aid to those affected by the wildfires. Together, we can help restore the livelihoods of our fellow ranchers and reinforce the backbone of America's cattle industry.

Donate to the Texas Panhandle

Wildfire Relief fund!

All donations are 100% tax-deductible through the federally registered I Am Texas Slim Foundation 501(c)(3)

- Updated: March 3, 2024- Texas Fire Relief

A Community Rises from Ashes

Ranchers Storefront, Canyon, TX - March 3, 2024

Texas Slim, Founder, The Beef Initiative and I Am Texas Slim Foundation

In the wake of the devastating wildfires that have swept across Texas, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape and our hearts, I felt compelled to share not just the scale of destruction but the unparalleled spirit of our community and the roadmap for our journey ahead.

The Dawn of Discovery

The other day I got up before sunrise and took off across my homeland to witness the aftermath of the wildfires firsthand, notably the Windy Deuce Fire and others that have reshaped our terrain and tested our resolve. This exploration, spanning over 300 miles, was a revelation of the immediate and long-term needs of our land and people. From the historic lands by Lake Meredith, a reservoir in the Canadian River system, to the battles of the Comanches at Adobe Walls, the fires have ravaged landmarks of our heritage and the very heart of Texas cattle country.

As I navigated from Canyon to Fritch (the beginning borderline of the Windy Deuce Fire) and onward north to the small town of Stinnet and beyond, the perimeter of destruction unfolded - small towns evacuated or protected, ranches lost to the blaze, and the resilience of those that were spared. As I told Ruffshot, "I saw perimeter damage, all the small towns that were evacuated or that were protected," reflecting on the dichotomy of loss and survival, the immediate response, and the indomitable will to recover.

Immediate Needs and Foundation Initiatives

In the immediate aftermath, the paramount need is clear - coordination. With over 1.1 million acres of grassland burned and an estimated 40,000 cattle lost, the urgency to provide inputs to the surviving cattle is dire. "They need to eat. That is number one," to restore their health and ensure their survival. Our first major push is to facilitate donations of feed, hay, medical supplies, and more through the I Am Texas Slim Foundation, ensuring these critical resources reach where they are most needed.

Rebuilding the infrastructure is just as crucial. Over 500 buildings destroyed, countless fences cut, the task ahead is daunting. It's like we're building a ranch again. From inputs like feed and hay to fence posts and barbed wire, the essence of our recovery lies in restoring the physical backbone of our ranches. This includes ensuring water access for the cattle, a fundamental yet complex challenge amidst the broader infrastructure needs.

A Testament to Community Spirit

This tragedy has brought to light the extraordinary response from the Texas Panhandle and beyond. The collective effort and unity displayed by the community, with individuals and groups from across the tri-state area coming together, exemplifies a remarkable spirit of cooperation and resilience in overcoming the challenges presented. The hazardous efforts to combat the fires, especially at night, on challenging terrain, exemplify the courage and dedication of our people. The logistical feats achieved to save properties and livestock underscore a commitment that deserves to be highlighted and celebrated.

The Path Forward

As we stand amidst the ashes, the I Am Texas Slim Foundation is committed to not just recovery but to strengthening our defenses against future calamities. We will facilitate, and we will not walk away. This marks the beginning of a multi-year approach to rebuild, recover, and revitalize. This disaster, while a harsh test of our resilience, offers an opportunity to pivot towards a more robust and secure future for the American cattle industry.

Join Us in Rebuilding

As we mobilize resources and strategies to overcome this challenge, your support becomes the cornerstone of our recovery efforts. Visit the I Am Texas Slim Foundation to contribute to this cause. Together, we will turn this disaster into a defining moment of resilience, unity, and hope. Let's protect our heritage and write a new script for the future, setting the record straight and showcasing the true spirit of Texas resilience.

Please visit Texas Slim's Community Newsletter for a the full article, including photos of my journey around the perimeter of the fire. 

Donate to the Texas Panhandle

Wildfire Relief fund!

All donations are 100% tax-deductible through the federally registered I Am Texas Slim Foundation 501(c)(3)

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Donate to the Texas Panhandle

Wildfire Relief fund!

All donations are 100% tax-deductible through the federally registered I Am Texas Slim Foundation 501(c)(3)