Florida Beef Initiative

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An introduction to what high-quality, naturally raised beef should be.

  • (5) 1 lb packs of ground beef
  • (2) 15-ounce Ribeyes
  • (2) 15-ounce New York Strip Steaks
Can't decide between beef and chicken? The Florida Mixed Meats Box offers a generous portion of both!
  • (4) lbs of Ground Beef for endless culinary possibilities
  • (2) 15 oz NY Strip Steaks, a staple in any meat-lover’s diet
  • (4) lbs of Chicken Breasts, perfect for grilling or frying
  • (4) lbs of Chicken Thighs for those who prefer darker meat

A versatile selection of beef cuts that meet our high standards for quality, sustainability, and flavor.

  • (2) 15 oz Ribeye Steaks for those special occasions
  • (2) 15 oz NY Strip Steaks, a staple in any meat-lover’s diet
  • (2) half-pound Baseball Cut Sirloin Steaks, perfect for the grill
  • (4) 1 lb packages of Ground Beef
  • (1) 2-3 lb Chuck Roast for that perfect pot roast

A curated selection of our finest cuts of beef. Perfect for the discerning carnivore.

(4) 1 lb packs of rich, flavorful ground beef perfect for your homemade burgers or meat sauces

(4) 15 oz ribeyes that melt in your mouth

(4) 15 oz New York steaks for that classic steakhouse feel

(4) 7.5 oz baseball filets

(2) 2-3 lb chuck roasts ideal for slow cooking