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Scholarship Fund

Contribute to building out a new decentralized educational program for both the farmer/rancher and the student.

We are losing both our brain trust and the candidates to steward our land and animals. We are tired of asking for permission. Help us build out a program that is the source of the seed of the future of the next generation.

Texas Slim’s Scholarship program is backed by one full bitcoin. Contribute sats or fiat it all goes to the fund to build a broader understanding of what food truly is.


The year was 1878 and Texas began to feed a nation with it's abundance of cattle that had accumulated during the Civil and Comanche wars. As the cattle drive picked up steam we had a nation that needed pure animal protein. Texas fed a nation then and we are going to feed a nation again. It starts with the Beef Initiative. Hit the trail with your $18.78 monthly donations.

A dollar a day

You decide what fits best. We all know how to dollar cost average our bitcoin. Help us provide continued up-to-date streaming content. We strive to keep the hamster wheel of truth flowing to all of your ears. This helps us keep the team innovating in the way a true decentralized sound communications team should. We are here for the lifestyle and we know you are as well. Hit it!

Slim's Global Tour

A Note from Slim

Slim and his vision are in demand. He has promised everyone for the next 2yrs he would go anywhere in the world to spread his message and to build out globally. We started locally in Texas and then to Tennessee with stops in Colorado and now Georgia. He is now planning events in Australia, Europe, South America, Asia, and beyond. Help Slim hit the road and make sure he doesn’t come back to Texas until the job is done. He is a Gypsy Cowboy ya know!

Cow Puncher or Bull Shitter

We all can’t be a true Cowboy but we can get credit for spreading the word. TBI is a place that you can call home and that home has big plans. We all deserve to get credit for being a true cowboy and cattleman at heart. Get the recognition you deserve. Beyond your boots and hats achieve the Cow Puncher title and wear your pride in the way that only a little bullshit will allow. The list is short and the trail is daunting but I guarantee you that once you have achieved this title you have a say so in how TBI operates. Become the true Cow Puncher that we desperately need.

All donations over $555 get you automatically titled as a "TBI Cow Puncher."

All donations over 227.50 gets you the title of a true "Bull Shitter."

“To seek truth
requires one to ask the right questions.”

Texas Slim