I feel love, on so many different levels.

As we manipulate or should you say as we develop and navigate our perceived love do we get closer to the truth or to the lies?

To associate love with something unproven and not verified, well that is nothing but a sign of bad taste. But then again, love is not seen but felt and understood, nurtured, and quantified in an amount that does hold any measurement attached to it. 

I feel love, I feel fragile but I am strong and that brings me peace as ever. 

How are you feeling these days? Are you scared or are you empowered? Are you at peace and nurturing?

Are you in an excellent relationship that is flowing like water (flowing like water or budding like a new flower) or are do you feel all alone and are perhaps searching for that next level of fragility and new taste of love?

We are all in our current situations in life at this time in history. I like to write on Sunday mornings; it lets me get a current perspective.

What is your perspective moving forward? Are you happy? Are you afraid? Are you yearning? What is it that drives your perspective? Maybe a hint of an outlaw spirit or have you thrown in the towel and you’re just going to sit back and allow this lie to continue without saying a thing. Are you going to keep on saying:

“But it tastes so good.”

You have been lied to and if you don’t think so you are living in the dark.

Perspective takes some time. It requires some skill set. It demands a form of critical thinking. With my personal experiences, I, unfortunately, don’t come across enough people who have this ability.

There needs to be more love at this time. 

I experienced some cool love yesterday when I went to visit my best friend.

“I spent the day with people who love each other and they love me, and that is all that matters, right?” 

This was a quote my friend shared with me as we sat in his living room in his 1950’s style ranch house that has a brick fireplace.

I pulled my phone out and sent myself a text of this quote. 

As our conversation continued, into the depths similar to the darkest parts of the ocean; we came up for air as he then asked if I wanted to see the “Greenhouse?”

Of course!

The Greenhouse Hour













I asked someone close to me to give me some words. I do this to create outlines. I have a good list to talk about the Greenhouse Hour.

As my friend and I stepped into his backyard and left the deep conversation of the warmth of the fireside chat, we felt the cool and crisp air surround us as the snow started falling. It was New Year’s day and it was perfect.

I saw a structure that was mostly windows. It was a small house that had a clear view. It was strong and it was simple. It was built with material that had been left behind. It had love, and fragility, and a sense of peace

At first glance, it gave me a sense of peace. Peace of mind that made me feel welcome and invited.

My friend is a husband, father, artist, master carpenter, and has raised 8 children. All homeschooled and all highly versed in love, peace, and truth. Loving themselves and the foundational concept of what it takes. 

This man and this family know how to love and how to fight for it.

I am going to write a full sequence on the greenhouse in a different series about regenerative living.

As we discussed the construction and how he approached the engineering I asked him what the greenhouse now meant to him that it was built. He said “collaboration.”

He began to elaborate...

He and his wife (I will introduce them later on down the line) have been together since around 1981. Four decades. They have lived and they have created. They understand cycles, the challenges that come with standing by your partner, and, most of all they have a grip on what it is to Love.

As I listened, I painted a picture of his words in my mind. That is how I work best when I am focused and concentrated.

The image I Imagined could be best described as “fragile.” 

I carved up their marriage into four slots, each slot being a different point in time that had a different view. The windows were there and I could see some “strength” that existed but not quite achieved.

With the frame built it was able to support the windows with a little bit of “nurturing.” In carpentry you understand nurturing, in art, you understand nurturing.

Each time slot, each decade of love,  inserted new faces into the picture. Each child that came arrived with a very unique and exciting perspective to be celebrated, nurtured, and respected. It would require some vision and a good bit of solid communication.

My friends achieved this form of communication. It was hard-fought but it was a collaboration. It had an unspoken verification that was represented by the spirit of that family.

That spirit had a lot of “self” in it. Can you imagine the abundance of personality and opportunity of conflict that took place under their roof? I laugh when I can picture a Friday night in their household. 

Each one of us is a very powerful person which starts with knowing what our true “self” is. Once we start getting a good idea of our “self” we start protecting. We defend our state of mind, we yearn for validation, we stake our claim. 

This is an orchestration that is the American family. It has some heritage to it. The good, bad, and the ugly of all of it, but especially and the most important aspect of it is the Love of it.

How much do you love each day? How much do you get forced into a situation or a conversation that requires a dip into your bucket of love?

It should be every second of every day. It isn’t and we are all guilty of not making this our priority. We are striving.

When you first start out on any type of adventure, exploration, known challenge, you create some “hope,” and alongside hope comes the list of words I mentioned above.

Hope gives you a window, that window allows you to see a vision that you want to become symbiotic as if with a dream. Hope is magic, it is faith, it is love wrapped up in the peace of something greater than yourself

Each day we navigate our lives we have a desire to be symbiotic with something far bigger than we ourselves are. Love is that foundation. It is the pathway.

As I listen to my friend I can see the chaos and the absolute opportunity for fragility, but what I start seeing is a glance into a form of innocence. We are all innocent, we are moving forward in a way that we can all agree. At one point in time, we were innocent little souls that knew nothing, all we inherently understood was nurturing and a spirit of love. To honor that innocence is strength, it is a state of mind that requires a sense of “agency.”

I believe there is a spirit out there right now that is trying to eliminate that sense of “agency” that is required to protect that innocence. I know that it is occurring through this Covid narrative and I know that it has and is continuing to move forward through our food supply.

I have agency, my friend has agency, he and his family have proven this. Time with my friend is valuable to me, we have very deep talks that keep me grounded, he is like my brother in many ways. This is important for me and it needs to be important to you as well. You need this type of Love in your life. You deserve it, you owe it to yourself to protect that innocence. It is your gateway to your personal freedom.

I believe we are all collectively focused on one thing these days. If you are reading this and are in the Bitcoin space you are on a quest for “truth.”

I hear a lot of “truth” in my friend's story and in that greenhouse. Above and beyond anything I see honesty in color.

We all have the chance to put our foot down right now and work on a lot of “faith.” That “faith” is going to get us through. We are smart, we are intelligent and we know that there is a fight ahead of us. 

Bring it on, I am prepared and I am confident. This year is going to be a year of truth and my number one commitment is that I am going to speak a lot of it.

I am building my strategy and it is looking good in my mind's eye. I have a good picture. 

We are about to launch the Beef Initiative platform. 

(download image and share - let us get the buzz going)

Stay engaged and please start changing your lifestyle. Let’s get some food intelligence into the conversation on a daily basis.

Our children deserve it. Our future family deserves it. 

The story of my friend and the greenhouse has just started. This was just a little tease into the eye of a storm that you want to know more about.

I am happy, I am joyous these days. My focus is getting lasered in. I am ready to “Burn the Boats.” Are you?

One thing my father taught me was that “acceptance is the key” I accept that I am not going to compromise the love that is in my heart and who I am. 

Fight for that freedom to love in your way.