Core belief systems

Let’s start with the kids. I had a podcast with Daniel Prince of the wonderful podcast “Once BITten.” We brought up the discussion about kids and Bitcoin. I had come across a Bitcoiner on Twitter and she and her husband had written and put together a book called “Bitcoin for Kiddos.” It is the perfect started book for orange pilling your kids. 

It made me reflect on a conversation I just had with Adam Curry of the No Agenda podcast, during the conversation I commented back to being raised with a based “Core Belief System.” My father was and is a very intelligent and smart man. He raised me in a way that allowed me to view and analyze the world in a different way than others. He allowed me insight into my own mind before I understood my true self. 

He use to call me “from a distance”, what he meant by this was I was able to detach myself from any form of social engineering and noise that was occurring around me and I was able to allow myself to follow my instincts and to do it with confidence and virtue.

My mother is of course the best mother any small Texas town boy could hope for. Farmgirl cooking with dirt road wisdom that very few people understand or respect. All she ever really had to do was tell me “Skipper” (my childhood nickname) all that matters in this life is truth and being true to yourself.

As kids we need guidance and we need it from our parents and our elders. We need to be shaped and molded in a way that is going to allow us to survive in this chaotic world that we adults have created and have participated in. I believe that a lot of nefarious happenings going in this world currently are happening because of corrupted core belief systems.

This is not going to be a big scientific study on cognitive behavior. This article is about having the confidence and ability to teach your children the truth and giving them the confidence to follow their own personal instincts.

Now more than ever our children are being tested, confused, stolen from in ways this society is unwilling to discuss. They are being cheated and deep down are going through a quiet form of desperation that many of the normie adults are going through in life. The energy of strength and positivity is being stolen and very few people have the communication skills to discuss or combat this invisible force that is draining many minds and souls.

It is time to change the game, it is time to quit arguing the distraction. It is time to become the distraction. It is time to go against the grain and it is time to create a whole new chess game that the powers that be do not understand. They are coming after us in many ways that are still not being discussed. These are the conversations I had with Adam and Daniel.

My focus is food intelligence and the Texas Beef Initiative. I am extremely pissed off at the health of our nation and especially of our children. I am frustrated at the adults that are allowing their children to become overweight, obese diabetic, and pre-diabetic before they even get to 12yrs of age. 

46% of the children between the ages of 5-11 in the United States are now either overweight or obese. You can read more about it here. The reason I used this MSM article is the wording. “Kids piled on extra pounds during the pandemic.”


This is how society is framing an epidemic that will cause I lifetime of health issues and of early death. We are all complicit in this health emergency if we do not call it for what it is. CHILD ABUSE!

As a society, we have become nothing more than a paragraph of St. Augustine’s “City of God”

"Let the poor court the rich for a living; and that under their protection they may enjoy sluggish tranquility; and let the rich abuse the poor as their dependents, to minister to their pride. Let the people applaud not those who protect their interest, but those who provide them with pleasure.”

Let the poor court the rich

A purpose-driven desire

When I write these articles I usually will bold out a section and write. When I am done with the section I will review and sit back and think. Then I will come up with the new bolded section.

After this last section, I sat back and put on a song. (I always write to music)

While writing the core belief section I remembered my childhood and I searched out this song that my dad used to play all the time on the turntable. Yes, I grew up with a fantastic Pioneer stereo system with vinyl. My decentralized lifestyle is going back to this type of desire. 

Here is the song I was referring to. Headphones recommended.

I thought about Saturday mornings in my household in my small Texas town. The front door was always open, our dog was always free and running around. The smell of pasture and fresh land was always strong. Mom would be cooking eggs, sausage, or bacon with hash browns. Dad would crank up the stereo all the way and I would jump out of bed and come running, sometimes I would jump into my dad’s arms with a desire of youth, and others I would go wrap my arms around my mom’s legs with the innocence of youth. The family would jump and or dance around a bit and the energy of the day had been forged and molded into a structure that had strength.

These times were doing something amazing to me. They were giving me a foundation of freedom. Not the type of freedom everyone discusses. It was giving me a spirit that can not be bought and paid for. It was giving me myself to me in ways that only a parent can give the child. 

It was priceless, it was truth with no corruption or confusion. 

As a society have we lost this spirit? Have we surrendered the strength of the parent to the state and to society as a whole? Did we allow the pocket prostitutes (smartphones) take the place of heritage, tradition, and virtuous integrity?

I was having a conversation with an acquaintance the other day and she is in the education system. She works in a part of the city where children have been compromised by divorce, broken or non-existent households, drug abuse all the wonderful things that society presents to our youth every day.

I was telling her of my current activities and of my initiative. I was talking about how the educational system was hijacked and I brought up the fact that one of the successes the government had after 1971 was when we went off the gold standard and we lost the value of our money and had to create a false economy and a false food supply. I told her the most destructive thing that was accomplished was that the government convinced the parents that they weren’t smart anymore. They took the integrity out of the family and exchanged it for a new socially engineered society that has led us to here.

The 1970s was the “Decade of Divorce.” I should know, I lived it. Those beautiful Saturday mornings came to an end when I was just 12 years old. The system had convinced my parents that what they had was not magical, they had surgically sliced a deceptive mindset into our household.

My core belief system took a hit that day and a new reality was forced into my mindset. It killed part of my innocence in ways that took years to figure out. Throughout the years I have grown tired of that thievery but today I am definitely wiser for the time. This is why I wanted to write this piece today.

I want to shout from the mountain top to all the parents out there. It is time to take your power back from the spirit that is trying to convince you that you are not extremely powerful. That your instincts do not matter, that in the end, the only one that should be molding your child’s core belief system is YOU!

It is time to play a new game of chess. A game of chess that we design, a game of chess where we will save the Queen.

Decentralize Mindset Decentralized Lifestyle

During my podcast, Daniel brought up several other bitcoiners that had engineered and designed books, games, activities for kids that included education and the philosophy of Bitcoin.

Daniel and I put together this list of items and gifts that would make for perfect gifts for this coming Christmas. I am pretty sure the holiday season will be compromised in several ways because of the fabricated supply chain issues. How better to fight back except to engineer some core belief systems with an education into the Bitcoin philosophy.

Below are some links and short descriptions of the list Daniel and I put together.

Please take some time and check them out. All of these Bitcoiners are doing this in their free time. They are not trying to make excessive fiat, they really are trying to help parents, uncles, aunts, extended family members provide tools to educate our children about bitcoin and how it is the mindset they need to understand and pursue.

Bitcoin Education for Kids

The Perfect beginner book on Bitcoin! Start the conversation with family and friends through a fun story of Bitcoin's history. Get a glimpse of why Bitcoin's adoption is spreading around the world at record speed.

Perfect for kids, adults, and Financial Advisors... It's also a great way to "Orange Pill" friends that keep saying, "I'm just waiting until the next big dip."

Bitcoin for Kiddos - $14.95

Risk Free Bitcoining for Kids


Start your kids on their Bitcoin journey in a fun, stress-free way, and help them to build a low-time preference mindset. Now they can experience what it means to stack sats and show proof of their work in a book they can hodl for themselves. It’s time to make saving great again.

Purchase with Fiat or Bitcoin

Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money

The kids in Bitville realize they need a tool to help them trade with each other. As they explore using different types of money, a strange boy moves to town and suggests a new idea...

Bitcoin Money is a story for all ages which helps answer the question “Why Bitcoin?”

Paperback – Picture Book

You might already know what SHAmory is, but do you know the family behind it?

Hey there! Whether you are a longtime fan of SHAmory, or new to the site, we can’t thank you enough for being here and learning more about our family-run Bitcoin business. After a year of brainstorming, planning and creating, we launched SHAmory in mid-2020 with our flagship product, the SHAmory Bitcoin card game. 


Let’s all take action and show some proof of work. Let’s verify our children’s core belief system with some honesty, truth, intentionality, and virtue that will provide the tools and mindsets that will guide and let them excel in this deceptive world.

The Beef Initiative

On Texas Slim’s Vision, we will be discussing first and foremost the The Beef Initiative, I will be having ranchers, regenerative farmers, soil experts, lifestyle episodes, and friend-making moments that are just based on truth and virtue.

The Beef Initiative and the Oshi App

On Thursday this week. Michael the founder of Oshi App and Marty Bent of Tales from the Crypt went out to our favorite cattle ranch and local meet producers K&C Cattle outside of Austin, Tx. They onboarded Cole and Michael to be the first cattle ranch in the state of Texas to now accept Bitcoin as payment.

I will repeat this again:

“We now have a local regenerative cattle rancher in the state of Texas who accepts Bitcoin as payment.”

To be able to source your pure animal protein in a decentralized manner from farm to fork is a form of strength and empowerment few people truly understand.

The Texas Beef Initiative is creating a whole new beef industry mindset and process to where anyone in the state of Texas and the world will be able to gain knowledge and access to do the same. 

We are moving fast and we are capturing the moment in time. We are about to create history and it is going to be more valuable than the normalized world can even imagine at this time.

I ask you that you stay tuned, increase your engagement, and spread the word and food intelligence.

Two awesome podcasts from this past week.

Texas Slim With Adam Curry for November 10th 2021 Episode #8

Today's guest on the show is @ModernTman who returns to give us an update on what is going on at the COP26 Glasgow Debacle and the looming bullshit narrative of Carbon Taxes.