The Beef Initiative

The Beef Initiative is your Heritage too!

Across the world, there are places that honor and respect the elders who carried strength and integrity and who lived in #Truth.

It might be the missing link.

Do you want an opportunity to take control of your life?

A chance to be sovereign and based when it comes to the food you eat?

What’s on your plate? Is it honest nutrition engineered by truth-seeking individuals with your best interest at heart?

The Beef Initiative is a grassroots movement intertwined with a self-sovereign ideology. It strives to connect people with the source of their food.

The Beef Initiative aims to help people understand what they are eating while connecting them with ranchers and farmers who use organic or regenerative farming methods.

This movement is creating a whole new beef industry mindset where anyone, in the state of Texas and the world, will be able to gain knowledge and access to do the same.

The Beef Initiative can be replicated anywhere by strong men and women ready to fight for their food sovereignty.

The Beef Initiative strives to be the first step to take power back from large corporations controlling and corrupting our food supply.

If you want to start to decentralize your lifestyle, commit yourself to source your beef from a local rancher. Encourage them to adopt Bitcoin as a means of peer-to-peer payment.

The time is now, it’s up to us. Let’s start a revolution of food intelligence.

What is The Beef Initiative all about?

“The Why”

Be intentional - Decrease instant gratification - Low time preference lifestyle

Why do you desire what you desire?

It’s time to decentralize your desire and put meaning into what you eat.

Beef inspires strength, Ranchers display commitment. Beef is natural, nutritious, and delivers the purest form of animal protein.

Beef offers many essential nutrients to support healthy lifestyles and help families thrive.

The Beef Initiative represents a return of classic, regenerative methods of understanding the source of our food and the access to high-quality beef.

Why should you join The Beef Initiative/(movement)? The reasons may surprise you.

Take a closer look

Did you know that your food may be contaminated? Standard feedlot cows are fed genetically modified (GMO) soy and corn which contain toxic herbicides and pesticides. Cattle also receive hormone therapy to assist in weight gain, which allows the cow to be sold at a faster rate.

Unfortunately, at times, profit is a priority over quality when it comes to supply and demand.

This is why it is so important to weaponize your health by obtaining high-quality beef from an organic or regenerative rancher.

Take a closer look

What if I told you there was a way to get grass-fed, (grass/grain-finished) beef from someone you know and trust?

Currently, there is a movement across the state of Texas where local families are meeting their local rancher and verifying the quality of the product they desire.

The only way to secure the highest quality food for your family is to meet a rancher, visit their ranch and verify their grazing operation yourself.

Today’s farmers and ranchers are strong examples of true conservationists. They have a deep love and appreciation for the land because it in turn supports their families.

Take a closer look

Do you find it increasingly difficult to source your food? The supply chains have become fragile and unreliable during the pandemic. This makes it even more imperative to be able to source your own local beef.

Recent and continued inflation already has an effect on the option to buy high-quality meat.

The solution?

Buy directly from a rancher with no middleman.

Ask yourself… Why would there be an authoritative push to detour the human diet away from animal protein? Would any particular group benefit from this? We should not have to choose between a diet of plants or insects over healthy robust forms of real meat protein.

Take a closer look and then dive deeper.

Have you ever compared conventional to regenerative farming practices?

One of the most profound reasons to support local regenerative farming practices is to save our planet.

When properly managed, regenerative farming can help reverse desertification and dependency on the chemical and seed cartels. This method is a vital piece to spare the land and resources needed for our future.

Take a closer look

It’s time to do our part and support the strategy to create a citadel of the mind for food intelligence.

It’s up to us…Let’s take this first step toward a future of global, decentralized peer-to-peer commerce while sourcing the optimal nutrition.

The way to do this is censorship-resistant currency- Bitcoin!

Let us begin to adopt a decentralized philosophy so we can decentralize our food just as our grandparents and ancestors did.

Your new international lifestyle awaits you and it starts right at home.

Let the legacy begin - The Beef Initiative.

Canyon, Texas

This is where I now reside, this is where I was born. I was born in a small clinic that was one block off the county square.

It still has red brick roads and it still has several cafes, restaurants, and many hidden gems.

It was a dead town when I fled at the age of 19. Agriculture had died, savings and loans destroyed the late 80’s and into 1990. The university was about to fail.

I drove around the town and I saw depression and I saw people fleeing and bowing their heads. There was a loss of spirit that crushed my young mind.

I was hungry, I wanted some life in my step, I wanted some life in my community. It was not to be found. I had wonder lust and I was on a mission. I was going to go see the fucking world and I wasn’t going to let a small depressed West Texas town stop me.

I hit the highway and I headed straight to Austin, Texas. I had a borrowed car that I would only have for another week and I had a pillowcase of clothes, a nightstand, and a lamp. One old quilt that my grandma had made back in 1946. There was $150 in my pocket when I left, when I got there I had $110.

My days in a depressed small town were over. I had burned my boats. There was no way in hell I was going back. I made sure of it.

I was in Austin, no job, no money, no friends. I got a job waiting tables and bartending on 6th at a Cajun Seafood and Blues bar and restaurant.

I adapted fast and I found my step. I was close to finding my wave.

I hung out with musicians, Stevie Ray and WC Clark once. Ray Wylie, Social Distortion, SuperSuckers, on and on. I also started traveling.

Well many years later, I have traveled around the world twice, I have seen the continents and kept my promise to that little boy who said he was going to see the earth and go figure it out.

Well, I haven’t figured it all out but I am definitely wiser for the time.

My stride has some confidence and it has some well-engineered wisdom.

I am home and I have another promise to keep. I am going to re-engineer some heritage, legacy, and tradition into my home. I am going to do it with some hard-core integrity and grit. 

The system killed a love for his home years ago. The system can kiss my ass. I am here to counterpunch in a way that I know how to. 

With never-ending truth. There will be no compromising. 

I have a pretty clear picture of what is going on in the world right now. I have some access to some pretty valuable information and I know some pretty intelligent people that are spread out and decentralized.

They are driven and they are ready to bring it.

I am going to approach my hometown with a high level of respect. I am going to look at people in the eyes. I am going to strike up conversations. I am going to open doors and I am going to bring joy and a positive spirit to those old red brick streets and surrounding dirt roads.

I am also going to bring a fight. I am going to be ruthless. I am going to be relentless when it comes to the corruption and the death by design that is our food industry.

There will be a level of education and food intelligence this small Texas town has never seen. It will be free from fiat thinking or institutional influence.

This small town created and molded a pretty smart and gritty man. I will not put up with the corruption anymore. If you can’t handle the truth and are a rent-seeking cuck to the lies and destruction then you and I will not get along. If you need to step up on me, I encourage you to strike up a conversation with me. I bring receipts and I bring facts. You will not win.

It is time 

There comes a time when people need to understand a small-town Texas boy. I come from a farm town and I know how to hit it hard. Nobody really is scared of hard work, we don’t mind baking in the sun nor do we mind sleeping in the freezing sleet and snow. You learn something from this red dirt. I don’t give a shit that people don’t know me and could care less about my small town.

You get nothing that you don’t earn. Humble pride I grew up on can’t be bought and it can’t be corrupted. I definitely know how to dig deep and it’s the only thing I know.

For me, it is straight ahead, shoulders back and head high.

There is a new signal about to be spread, it is time for everyone to front-run some heritage, tradition, and integrity.

I want to share a photo of my grandfather and of my mother.

Frank Jones and Othelia Bass - Aunt Hootie

Lockney, TX 1951

December 4th

1898-1987 Grandpa


A True Survivor


The Beef Initiative has got some heritage and tradition.

Decentralized power is coming.

We are going to have a mesh net of localization of our animal protein. Full-on localism is coming to my hometown.

I am going to bring it to the world and we are going to share our successes and our failures, we are going to grow and we are going to be decentralized intelligence.

I encourage every one of you to put your boots on the ground and hear what I am saying.

There is a responsibility to our community and to our family and especially our legacy. I will not sit idly by.

Neither will you.

I have full faith in everyone that reads my articles and who contributes to my feed and have listened to my podcast.

I am inviting you, to make the move to the words I am laying down. We have an extremely valuable opportunity. A gift has been given to all of us. The system has exposed its lies and deceptions. It has forecasted its intentions and I have a very clear picture of their next move.

We are going to bring a new sense of community. We are going to create a Dao...A distributed autonomous organization. If you need to understand what that is tune in to Adam Curry and hisNo Agenda podcast.

We will be working with a common success goal frame of mind and with intention.

am going after a system that is built on corruption, lies, deceit, and engineered demolition.

I am going after a system that instills a quiet form of desperation in our spirit and in our health.

I am turning Canyon, Texas into the world headquarters for a new beef industry that is The Beef Initiative. 

The Beef Initiative will be able to scale and its model with be able to be leveraged and used.

I am bringing a new attitude to the plate. I am about to shoot the fire of my soul into this small Texas town. I am about to create a form of intelligence into an old town spirit.

We are going to be powerful. I will be bringing global intelligence, national intelligence, and bitcoin intelligence - all of it dedicated to creating a food sourcing that our grandparents and ancestors successfully accomplished.

Stay tuned to the launch of The Beef Initiative. We have tons of tools and content coming your way.

Be patient and approach with a low-time preference expectation. This type of value requires a slow roll and something based on education and lifestyle changes.

Leave your high-time preference expectations, reactions, and feedback behind.

Start building your legacy your children will carry on.

If you missed this rip listen now.Marty Bent and TxSlim.