I was born on the county square of this wonderful little town that has a storied history and a pioneering spirit that spans about 150yrs. It was first established as a community in the late 1800s.

We have cattle, agriculture, a huge canyon, a university, and a form of grit that I carry to this day. It is a special place. We still have a railroad that runs through the north part of town, old adobe shacks that used to house railroad workers. The second-largest canyon in the United States sits just 12 miles away. Palo Duro Canyon

I am excited to announce that I will be recording my new podcast all this week. On Sunday I am going to have the privilege to interview my local beef supplier. His name is Justin and I have the utmost respect for this man. He is doing things in the state of Texas that will create a legacy he can be proud of. He is putting in proof of work that all of you will be excited to hear.

Next week’s newsletter is going to focus exclusively on the Texas Panhandle, Justin my local beef producer, the Comanche wars of the 1870s, dirt roads, and a newfound international lifestyle that is a counter punch to the powers that be. Stay tuned for a very special story tellin week ahead.

Let’s point our compass to Austin

I went to Austin to take care of several important introductions. Today I want to talk about a couple of men that had a huge impact on me.

They are Cole and Michael. Cole is the founder, along with his wife, of the K&C Cattle company. Michael is Cole’s trusted sidekick and they both work side by side making decisions and delivering pure animal protein to Central Texas.

I showed up Friday morning to their outfit and as I drove down the small dirt road I could still see downtown Austin, I smiled and gazed ahead and saw a shorthorn calf staring at me. I smiled again. I knew I was in the right place.

I had reached out to K&C several weeks earlier. Kyle Murphy had mentioned that he had bought some beef from them and how good it was and how quick and easy the purchase and the sourcing unfolded. 

Below is some content from their website so you can have an idea of what they do and where they come from. It is worth the read.

SINCE 2010

K&C Cattle Company

Hi! We’re Cole & Kelsey Bolton. We take pride in our slogan “Austin Bred and Fed” in that we are one of the few ranches that can truly say we raise cattle in the Capitol City. I’m a 3rd generation cattle rancher, having grown up on a cattle feed yard in East Texas, and Kelsey is a 2nd generation rancher, born and raised in the Austin area.

Our ranch consists of Black Angus and Red Angus bloodlines. We focus heavily on the best genetics because the pedigree controls 45% of the marbling in the animal. Our beef is pasture-raised, with no antibiotics and no growth hormones. Studies have shown that the natural environment that cattle are born in positively impacts the meat quality. We do grain finish our cattle at the ranch the last 90 days before slaughter for several purposes: marbling, efficiency, and consistency. Our ration is a culmination of grains all grown locally in Central Texas and non-GMO. We guarantee our beef to grade Choice or Prime.

Our pigs are pasture-raised and live in a natural environment where they can lay in the mud, play in the sun, or relax in the shade. Being good stewards of the land is important and we hope to be able to spread our vision and continue to grow within the industry.

Our K&C Meat Bundles

Since we are not a meat wholesaler that can buy just primals, we sell most of our steaks in packages that also include other cuts of meat. How many of you know that you only get approximately 24 Ribeyes and 24 NY Strips per animal? Therefore, we sell our packages in bundles to utilize each and every carcass. We want you to be able to sample our signature cuts and also see some of the other great options that you can cook by using other parts of the animal. Each of these bundles (except for the Freezer Builder) will easily fit into your standard refrigerator/freezer. If you try our bundles and decide you want to fill your freezer, we do sell 1/4, half, and whole carcasses for beef and pork.

If you haven’t connected them yet I am not sure what you are waiting for??

Cole Bolton is a busy man. Not only is he a cattle rancher he is also a community EVP banker and a professional team roping cowboy that is about to compete in Las Vegas at the World Series of Team Roping.

Guys and gals that is quite an accomplishment in this day and age. Just to be a professional team roper takes a form of focus and commitment that very few people understand. The dedication and discipline required are something that should be discussed more. The rodeo circuit in the US is not just a bunch of cowboys playing rodeo. It has to do with heritage and tradition. It is a lifestyle that quite frankly, each and every one of you should dive deeper into. The mindset is one of a traveling highway, sun rises, sun sets and the smell of life that starts early each morning.

To put your focus on living this lifestyle is a sense of freedom that is so dear to my heart. Congratulations Cole!

Going back to first shaking Cole’s hand. I had driven 500 miles to meet a man that was nice enough to meet me. He didn’t have to and most ranchers are suspect of me. Who is the weird-ass Hippie-Punk-Cowboy trying to get information from me and my business? (I write this laughing).

Anyways, Michael and Cole were very welcoming. They were loading up their delivery van of boxed up orders and were multi-tasking by placing orders, talking to customers on the phone, taking time to meet me. I was grateful and gracious.

Climbing in a truck to look at cattle.

A lot of people do not understand how this feels. Being able to put your muddy boots in a the floor board of a truck to go take a drive around a ranch so you can look at the cattle.

After we had shaken each others hands and looked each other in the eye - as real men do - especially in Texas - he asked me to fill him in and gave me an opportunity to tell him my mission and my purpose.

First off we gave each other our backstory as any respecting man would do. He is a pure-bred Texan and has been in ranching his whole life. He is a businessman and a rancher. He got his Masters at Texas Tech in Lubbock. He is a professional team roper, he is actually a pretty special person. He has a vision and he is acting out on his vision. He has created a destination and I see it.

After we sized each other up, I began to tell him my recent endeavor of embedding myself into a harvesting company and doing some recon and research. I spoke about the Harvest of Deception. I provided my intelligence and understanding of what was going on in the global macro picture. 

We established rapport and respect in a very short period of time. When you drive around a ranch and look at cattle you speak softly as you gaze down the winding dirt roads. You take in the beauty of the grass and of the dew on the ground. You breath the fresh air and you see life all around you. You understand the life that is giving life. You respect and honor the moment. No matter if you are tired you know you are always wiser for the time.

We went to several pastures and viewed all of the cattle that he has at this particular ranch. We talked about the grazing habits and daily movements of the cattle. Cole talked a lot about how his cattle live an extremely stress-free life and how important that is for him and his wife Kelsey.

He spoke of the importance of care and the regenerative focus that he is bringing to his protein supply. Cole is actually doing it the right way. In a lot of ways, he is pioneering a new form of ranching. His cattle never get any shots nor chemicals, the only thing they might ever have given to them is an anti-biotic when they are young if absolutely necessary. This does not happen very often and if it does they do not end up in his high-quality beef supply that he sells to you and me.

One exciting note. Cole has agreed to a discussion on my new podcast.

To Respect a Mans Journey

As Cole and I talked I begin to understand his business and the journey he is forging in this chaotic world. The time was valuable and it had intentionality. It was purpose-driven and I sensed that he is onto something bigger than either he or I can really imagine. I am talking about building a new industry. I am talking about building a decentralized machine that provides pure animal protein to every one of us. We are all starting to meet each other and we are all starting to understand the importance of our journeys as men and women. We are becoming a new form of lifestyle.

Cole Bolton Professional team roper - blue shirt

As we talked Cole and I discussed big Texas ranches and I brought of 

The Four 6’s Ranch. If you don’t know about the ranch well you should take a look.

He was headed out that direction that weekend to spend some time with friends and family. I spoke aboutThe Turkey Track Ranch up here in the panhandle. Also, take a look if you haven’t heard about it.

These ranches are changing ownership. They are multi 100 million dollar ranches. The owners have decided to sell the heritage and the tradition that their forefathers built. The ranches are or have been bought by big Trust, Shell companies. That is BULLSHIT! It is not a good thing and I don’t care what anyone says, it is a black eye on our Texas Heritage.

Men like Cole are going to have to reinvent the cattle ranch. Justin my producer is going to have to reinvent the way our animal protein is processed and supplied. We are about to go through a paradigm shift. I know it is coming and I am extremely excited to be a part of it with the Texas Beef Initiative. (oh, by the way, I got the URL;).

Stay tuned to my podcasts with Cole and Justin, my local producer. These discussions are about to get very informative, educational and have a lot of impact on your new lifestyle you are engineering. Exciting times ahead.

Let’s talk some Texas Pandle History

I wanted to share a quick glimpse into my homeland. The caprock of Texas. It is a barren land of grass, cactus, and dirt, 100s of miles of grazing and farmland. You can still ride it on horseback if you know how to navigate the pastures and dirt roads. It is amazingly rugged and a land of toughness. I have to admit the people of the Texas Panhandle are a different breed. Some good and some bad. I’ll let you choose which am I.

A little understanding below

TEXAS PANHANDLE. The 25,610-square-mile Panhandle of Texas was shaped by the Compromise of 1850, which resolved the state's controverted territorial claims. It is bounded on the east by the 100th meridian, on the north by parallel 36°30', and on the west by the 103rd meridian. It comprises the northernmost twenty-six counties of the state; the line forming the southern boundary of Swisher County in the central Panhandle marks the southern boundary. The elevation declines from about 4,700 feet in the northwest (Dallam County) to about 2,000 feet in the southeast (Childress County). The growing season increases from 178 days a year to 217 days over the same distance. The average annual precipitation ranges from about 21.5 inches in the eastern counties to about seventeen inches in the western counties. Thus the dry Panhandle climate ranges narrowly from subhumid to semiarid. The High Plains cover all but the gently undulating southeastern third of the Panhandle, where the Rolling Plains begin. The two are separated by the scenic eastern High Plains escarpment commonly called the Caprock. The upper tributaries of the Red River and theCanadian River drain the region. The Canadian cuts across the High Plains to isolate the southern part, the Llano Estacado, which has little drainage and a reputation as one of the world's flattest areas of such size.

Guess what? Texas is truly like another country and it has the possibility to become a new International Lifestyle in so many ways. It starts with pure raised beef the Texas way.

It is time to fight for your lifestyle and for your nutrition. It is time to take a stand and seize your spirit and your energy back. As we go down this path together and start a new journey I am going to provide you will all kinds of information and ways to see my home state and the land that I love.

I am a hard fighting and cussing poor boy from a small Texas town and I am pissed off. I am sick and tired of the system stealing joy and purpose from so many people. To beat a Commanche the Texas Rangers had to learn how to fight like a Commanche. This has very deep meaning and insight in the way I do things and my view of the world and of Texas. I wanted to share this podcast to give you a quick tease and glimpse into my article next week that will be titled 

“A Small Town Texas Boy”

This podcast is about Charles Goodnight and the Texas Rangers. Don’t skip it. It is very telling and interesting.

There is so much information to cover and to provide to you each week. I am grinding and we are gaining momentum. We are creating something bigger than any of us.

Come along with me as we design our new lifestyle. A lifestyle of strength and of purpose. A lifestyle that provides pure animal protein to our minds and to all those we love. 

I want to personally thank Cole and Michael for having me and letting me into their operation. It was such a memorable day that we shared. As I left my cooler was full of beef that I am enjoying each day now that I am back here at my home base.

I personally want to speak to Cole with my next words - Cole it was an honor to meet you and I appreciate you and have much respect for your purpose. I look forward to continuing our newfound established respect and friendship.

Well y’all, I have to get busy here. It is Tuesday morning and I wasn’t planning on writing this until Thursday but I thought, “Oh Hell, why are you waitin?” I had to scratch that itch.

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