Have you engineered your own suffering these last two years or have you been a puppet on a string?

Have you the skills that allow you to design a mindset that provides a sense of protection and stability from those who enforce measures against your individual sovereignty?

How free are you and how far will you go to protect that precious freedom and your self sovereignty?

I have been thinking about these questions for a while; on a somewhat revolving basis. I met someone who is a highly intelligent, emotionally mature, and a beautiful human being both inside and out. She is a single mother of two; and I asked her this question several months ago. Her response to all of them was create peace and the freedom will flow.

I now ask myself this daily to make sure that my moral ethics align with my actions; as the single mother pointed out “expect nothing and appreciate everything.” So now, I ask you: Are you engineering your own suffering so that you may feel joy in kind? Are you able to achieve a sense of peace that gives you strength and a form of love and stability that is your existence? How do you protect your self-sovereignty?

As we have labored through the last 50 years in our society, and especially over the last two tumultuous years, we have been able to understand and identify the suffering that we have endured, and the hardships that we choose to battle so that we might have a sense of joy. This is because of our intentional decision making.

Have we lost our light on the hill? I believe our nation has and I have a good reason.

Our current state of affairs as a community- on a global scale- and as a nation are in steep decline. With all of the death and confiscation of personal space have we not had the chance to look deep inside.

I have, have you? Or are you beginning to and have started to see the cracks in the filter and identified the issues. We are now understanding that food is being used as a weapon against us as individuals, our health, and ultimately against our children and the family unit.

The time has run out. Our food industry is captured and is being highly manipulated to make you ignorant, confused, and in poor health. We as a people are only as strong as our weakest link in the food chain. Our food chain is built to engineer profit and have complete control over your consumption.

This past week the Biden administration released a report that it would begin to fund “Crack Pipes” for those communities that needed more racial equality. I will not even break down the absurdities of this propaganda.

The one thing I will point out is that the people that are handing out free crack pipes are the same authority that fed your child this morning and that you are probably digesting this very second.

Why does this not outrage a nation to the point that they say “No More!

There are many reasons. The one I will mention here is because they do not know what food is anymore. They were not taught what nutrition truly is, they have no idea what “processing” even refers to. The true origins’ of the food they consume is hidden behind a curtain of world-class marketing that paints a picture straight out of a cartoon. Welcome to the clown world of consumption!

By knowing these facts how do we combat the ever present and persistent propaganda we are bombarded with?

Where do we point our compass to better choices that will provide our children and family the choices they deserve?

Point your compass this way. We become a collective of free, caring, and loving people that are ready to go toe to toe with those that are injecting 1000’s of chemicals into our systems as they tell it is for our safety and it will save the planet.

To me the attempted control over our food (and water) consumption is rooted in many things that are evil. While it may have started out with good intentions but are currently out of control.

We build our own food supply and we do it with one animal protein producer and supplier at a time.

The Beef Initiative Platform is now live and we are offering B3 - Bitcoin Beef Boxes.

B3 is also an essential vitamin to the human body, “Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is an important nutrient. In fact, every part of your body needs it to function properly. As a supplement, niacin may help lower cholesterol, ease arthritis, and boost brain function, among other benefits. However, it can also cause serious side effects if you take large doses.” Find more information here.

Our main producer at this time is K & C Cattle out of Austin, Texas, and owner Cole Bolton and I have shaken hands and looked each other in the eye and have said to each other, “let’s do this, let’s change the beef and food industry as we know it!

Cole and the Beef Initiative are encouraging every rancher and animal producer across the country to come and join us. We are requesting help. You the reader, if you are currently sourcing your beef from a local producer or one that you do business with would you please include them in our searchable database on the Beef Initiative Platform.

You can access it here Beef Initiative Producers.

Ranchers and animal producers, I encourage you to do the same. Come join us and let’s start the conversation on how you can become part of this Food Intelligence Initiative- it is the Beef Initiative. We want to hear your story, we want to give you access to those consumers who are searching for you.

We want to hear how you “Mine Your Protien." You can access this section and submit your story, recipe, suggestions, intelligence, and just a good story.

Mine Your Protien submit your food intelligence now.

As we have launched we have identified a few issues just as any good and new innovation does. Our platform will always be a work in progress as we compile new content and onboard many new ranchers and suppliers.

We ask for your patience and above all, we ask that you participate in this ongoing discussion.

Food Intelligence is important, this is not a fight between vegan vs. vegetarian vs. carnivore. This is a fight between industrial foods owned by the conglomerates vs regenerative food source to encourage self sovereignty.

2022 is going to be a fantastic year to set the record straight and to create a new food supply chain that you can rely on and have confidence in.

From national conferences to new podcast guests. We are ready to empower you with the education and the information you need. We are prepared to be able to give you access to pure animal protein that is available to you.

In a time of great prohibition there comes great innovation. We are the new Rule of Law of Food Intelligence.

We are the Beef Initiative.

Giddy up! This cattle drive just got started!