Information war against animal protein and the American Rancher
Understanding the Source of the Seed

The American rancher has never been under such a threat as he or she is today.

Most of the general public does not understand the why and how this threat is real and it is moving forward at a breakneck speed. It is real and it is going to affect all of us. The consumption models of our food source sourcing and market access have gradually been manipulated into a form of deception that leverages convenience over understanding and of false information over truth.

From labeling laws to the definition of what animal protein truly is and where it comes from is a mystery that has been carefully formulated and designed to cut the rancher out of his heritage and of his empowerment as a traditional animal producer.

We have had a build-up and a global marketing campaign that is moving forward that has the backing of global corporations and of multi-billionaires who have nothing in mind but making never-ending profits off of your consumption and of the general ignorance of how our food is grown, produced, processed and supplied.

During the time of my grandfather's food production years here in Texas each town across our state had a local processing facility that included a butcher and provided local access to animal protein that each citizen could have access to and could have the confidence to rely on.

This type of market access was simple and it was based on relationships of people who knew one another and supported each other in ways that were based on respect and for the most part honesty and integrity.

As we shifted into a system of “going big or go home” in the ’70s the consolidation of processing centers became more centralized and they begin to shift the demand from the local market access to a more regional supply that was taken care of by the creation of Super Markets. Of course, this was around the time when the US went off the gold standard and our agricultural world changed forever.

Much of the planning had occurred in the 60s to begin this shift and in the ‘70s it was put into action.

The here and now...

For the sake of being clear and precise about the here and now, we are at a crossroads in the cattle-producing industry. If we do not stop this runaway global corporate vertical integration of our cattle industry we will never be able to stop the manipulation and price gouging of the global producers and packers from who most Americans source over 85% of their animal protein. We will not be able to stop the controlled demolition of the American Cattle Producer.

Late last year I reported on Adam Curry and Texas Slim’s podcast that at the beginning of 2022 there would be a global marketing campaign that would be moving forward that would be directed at pushing fake meat products onto consumers in the name of climate change, the cow becoming a carbon hazard and that animal fats and animal protein was bad for your health and leads to the destruction of your health and of the planet.

In my life, I have never seen that amount of misinformation that is being spread so willingly by the corporate media and the bought and paid for nutrition industry that keeps consumers in a perpetual state of limbo of chasing fad diets, never-ending education and that leads to metabolic failure in the long run.

Our children’s consumption of fake vegetable soy protein and seed oils along with chemically enhanced refined sugars and sweeteners are robbing them of a chance at having a sound future because our food supply is nothing more than global apparatus that is based on subsidies and market manipulation that focuses on false value and yields that have nothing to do with dense animal protein and nutrition.

The Harvest of Deception is directly focused on taking the cow out of the American diet and sadly most of America will go along with it and will not even realize it is happening because their food sourcing is mainly based on one thing, “It tastes good.” So they think.

The industrial food companies have high-powered lobbyists that are used to corrupt and manipulate our lawmakers and each year we lose a foothold into the industry that actually made America strong and allowed us to flourish.

The idea is to convince the general public that “Science” is so advanced that we do not need nutrition that is derived from our soil. These same corporations are the same industries that have destroyed our soil and are now orchestrating a food supply reset that will affect your consumption models, your market access to pure animal protein, and to the sound health that we each deserve and most strive for.

The big 4 global meat processors (JBS, Cargill, National, and Tyson) all have contracts with several of the fake meat companies that were highlighted during the UN General Assembly Global Food Systems Summit. I wrote about it in an earlier report The Leverage of the Seed.

There are now marching orders to create a global push to begin consuming more fake vegetable protein, and genetically modified beef and to eliminate the cow from your diet completely. It will have a global marketing plan and there will be millions spent to create a shift in your consuming habits.

Supermarkets are already starting to add more shelving space for the fake meat products as they slice your beef thinner and eliminate any special deals for beef. More ingredients are being engineered to have more of this fake meat commodity added to most processed foods just as they have successfully done with seed oils, especially canola (rapeseed) and soy.

By saying this, I believe it does open the door and expose a crack in their plans. My signal is that more people are becoming aware of the manipulation and the framing. People have started to focus locally on the quest to obtain their meat products and animal protein. This has already started creating more innovation with local ranchers, butchers, and processing tactics.

I believe the overall shift will play out over the next 18 months. This time will be critical. If there is a big enough pushback and general awareness we can curb the momentum of manipulation.

Corruption in the packing industry

It is time to look at the packing/processing industry in the US. Below I will only state facts about our past and current situation.

Breaking the Market Power Bottleneck in U.S. Beef–A Roadmap for Building an Independent Ranching and Processing Sector

Every day, ranchers and consumers confront the fallout from decades of massive consolidation in the beef processing segment of the supply chain. Four large meat-packing companies control over 80% of the market. This domestic beef packing cartel has extracted billions of dollars of ill-gotten profits from ranchers and consumers. Moreover, a lack of competition limits ranchers' options for selling their products and pushes down the prices they receive for them. At the other end of the supply chain, the cartel raises consumer prices for beef at the grocery store.

JBS is the biggest meatpacker/processor in the US. Its owner was imprisoned for bribing the Brazilian government.

US hits Brazil's J&F which owns JBS with $256 mln corruption fineUS authorities hit Brazilian conglomerate J&F Investimentos with a fine of more than $256 million after the company pleaded guilty in a wide-reaching corruption case,” the US Justice Department announced Wednesday.

The company, which owns meatpacking giant JBS, admitted to paying tens of millions of dollars in bribes to government officials in Brazil using US banks and real estate, including a Manhattan apartment, in a scheme that violated the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Justice Department said in a statement.

"J&F has admitted to engaging in a long-running scheme to bribe corrupt officials in Brazil to obtain financing and other benefits for the company," said Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Rabbitt.

From 2005 to 2017 the company paid officials, including from Brazilian state development bank BNDES and state oil company Petrobras' pension fund Petros, in exchange for deals and favorable treatment, the statement said.

In a related matter, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said it fined JBS about $27 million, while the company's owners Joesley and Wesley Batista each will pay $550,000.

J&F have faced lengthy fallout from the 2017 scandal that threatened to bring down then-president Michel Temer, including a $1.4 billion fine paid to the Brazilian government on top of over $400 million in contributions to social projects.”

Meat packers' profit margins jumped 300% during pandemic - White House economics team WASHINGTON, Dec 10 (Reuters) - Four of the biggest meat-processing companies, using their market power in the highly consolidated U.S. market to drive up meat prices and underpay farmers, have tripled their own net profit margins since the pandemic started, White House economics advisers said.

As they increase their profit margins the American farmer and rancher are making less and less and are being driven out of the free market economy.

“This is nothing more than a food supply reset that is and will cause damage to the health of the American citizen and especially the children who are overly fed this form of processed meat and substitutes. They are engineered to increase the profit margins and not be held accountable for the nutritional starvation our current food supply is causing.”

God bless you all, Texas Slim